Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Farewell Friends! by Kit Kittredge

Well it’s time to say goodbye to Kit Kittredge,
Felicity Merriman and Kirsten Larson for
a few weeks. They’re going to the doll
hospital in Middleton, WI. “I’m very excited
to go,” says Kit, age 11. “but I’m glad that I’m
 going with my friends. I’d be really scared
without them!” Elizabeth Cole, age 11, decided to
throw a party for her friends and sister
 the day that they leave. “I just want them to have
fun on their last day home,” she said. The
girls are expecting two new sisters this
summer :Rebecca and Molly. “I’m so excited
 to finally get a sister!” Said Emily Bennet, age 11,
who is an only child. “ I’ve been dreaming of  this day.”
Felicity, Kit, and  Kirsten are expected back
two to three weeks after being sent out. Then, Elizabeth
 will throw a home coming party for her friends. “I love
 them so much. I’ll do what ever I can to ease their pain.”
And that’s just what she’s doing.

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  1. NoT to be rude but how much does that cost for all 3 to go to see if my doll HAS TO go to the doctor or just wait thanks :)

    Love Georgia