Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pizza and PJ's

My cousins are here visiting for Memorial Day. Last night while my parents and aunts and uncles hung-out downstairs,  Lanie, Kanani and I decided to have a party in my room.

Kanani got a great idea and made paper chains

My mom let us eat pizza and drink pop in my bedroom.

First we read American Girl magazine and looked at American Girl doll books.

Kanani was the designated reader!

 Time to wear our sunglasses and look cool.

We laughed so hard my dog got excited and jumped-up on the bed.

I found my mom's old Karoke machine in the closet!

 Sooo..... we decided to sing along to Ace of Base, one of Mom's favorite groups from her
 "younger days."

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas

It's  Christmas time in my house. My family celebrates Christmas the old fashioned way meaning Christmas is a season lasting from December 25th until January 6th. So far we are on day five of Christmas and I have eaten so many Christmas cookies and candy that my Dad has decided to hide his favorites when he goes to work!

I got a camera for Christmas! Now I won't have to borrow my mom's and I can go crazy taking pictures. I took the picture above of my family Christmas tree. One of my favorite things to do during Christmas is to lay on the couch and look at the Christmas tree. Of course all of the other lights must be turned out for maximum effect. I always feel peaceful looking at the glittery glass ornaments and twinkling lights.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Ice Cream Truck is HERE!!

Today the coolest thing in the world happened. An ice cream truck came by my house. I know that sounds like no big deal but it is, REALLY.  See I live on a country road with only two other neighbors.  We NEVER see the ice cream truck.  I hear the ice cream truck music all of the time but an ice cream truck has never come up my road. But today one did.
I got a chocolate cone. I hope the ice cream man comes again.

Friday, August 12, 2011

American Girl Boutique and Bistro Atlanta!

Last Sunday my Mom surprised me with a trip to the American Girl boutique and bistro in Atlanta. I got to ask a friend so I asked Molly.

 My Mom had me pose with these girls for a picture.  She thought it was funny someone else was wearing the same dress as me.

We had dessert in the bistro. I ordered the celebration cake and Molly got the Kanani shaved ice drink.

 There was an actual Kanani shave ice stand. Hey check Molly and me out we can be just like Kanani!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday. Here is my cake before my Mom put the candle on it. The cake was my favorite, chocolate cake with butter cream frosting. Oh and of course lots of sprinkles!

My friends came over in their party dresses. 

Samantha gave me a special present. I had no idea what it could be.

Surprise, a homemade friendship bracelet.

Everyone thought the bracelet was so cool.

I gave Samantha a big "thank you hug".  What a great birthday.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tea Time

This week I decided to have a tea party. My Mom helped me bring my table and chairs all the way downstairs. She even said I could set it up outside!

My dog Jack and my Nellie doll were guests.
It was so warm outside I almost got to put on shorts. My Mom did let me wear one of my summer dresses.

 Jack was supposed to be Samantha at the tea party. 

I imagined the party would happen out on the lawn of Samantha's Gramary's house. Of course Samantha would have her favorite doll, Clara.

I think Samantha would let Nellie borrow her Peter Pan doll.
I think I am going to read my Nellie book tonight.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Break

This past week was spring vacation. NO SCHOOL!!! Every day I tried to do something outside. On Tuesday Emily, Samantha and Molly came over.  Molly insisted we all try to get a tan.  I took a picture because we all thought it would be funny. Especially since Molly insisted on wearing a bathing suit.