Monday, September 5, 2011

The Ice Cream Truck is HERE!!

Today the coolest thing in the world happened. An ice cream truck came by my house. I know that sounds like no big deal but it is, REALLY.  See I live on a country road with only two other neighbors.  We NEVER see the ice cream truck.  I hear the ice cream truck music all of the time but an ice cream truck has never come up my road. But today one did.
I got a chocolate cone. I hope the ice cream man comes again.


  1. Hello Tess, I'm Lucy! Ice cream is nommy. =) I can't imagine never seeing an ice cream truck though... they come through here at all hours! They don't have cones with actual ice cream though. They have cartoon character bars, fancy popcicles, and ice cream sandwiches.

  2. Did you make that ice cream cone?? It's soo cute! Claire